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Perth Street Car


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Updated latest times: 10.22/134mph

The following message was posted on the Cleveland Engine Builds forum:

3600lb street 4V runs 10.65/127 shifting @ 5600
May 20 2004 at 6:43 PM
Chris Kelly     (Login Falcon67)

I received this info from fellow Falconeers, somewhere on the Earth. This is one flying Falcon. The Australians really know their Clevelands and don't seem to be afraid to make them work hard.

Owner: Sandro Principe Perth, Western Australia

Car: Ford Falcon XD, full interior w/cage, C4 full manual shift,4.56
rear, 28" 11.5" x 15" MT et street

Weight 3600lbs [before cage]

Motor (two listed):
[1] 351Clev. 4V iron heads w/$500 port job w/tongues [unflowed],
std. stroke 4MA crank, 12:1 comp, 6" H Beam rods, Cam specs [secret]
roller 270+ @ .050 & .650+
Funnelweb intake stock out of the box, 1050 Dominator,Pacemaker
Headers stock 2" w/3 1/2" collectors, full exhaust.

Best ET/MPH on motor[1] - 10.98/125mph

Motor[2] 396 cid Same as above w/3.85 scat crank, 6" rods, 12:1 comp
etc. Due to major traction problems, timing has been dropped to 22deg
[yes it makes a lot more HP @ 32] Leaves the line @ 2000
& shifts @ 5600, can't shift higher due to traction.

Best ET/MPH on motor [2] - 10.65 @ 127mph w/1.7 60ft.

Overall it goes well, but feel full potential will never be reached due
to traction. Considering weight [over 3600lb], 22 deg. timing, 2000rpm off
the line [1.7/60ft] & shifting at a low 5600 [instead of 7000+] there's a
LOT more in this beast yet.

Check out Perth Street Car mag out soon for full writeup.

1967 Falcon 4 door w/351C
Owner built, owner abused.


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